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+ best of friends, fox and the hound
+ A Song For You
+ Ive got to take a little time..
+ Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore- When Your Lover Has Gone, Medley
+ A good day aint got no rain
+ Tower of Power, You're Still A Young Man
+ Im not in love, 10cc
+ At Least That's What You Said: Wilco
+ Steve Winwood, Higher Love
+ Brass Bands
+ Lush Life
+ Neil Young - Tonight's The Night
+ Rebels, Tom Petty and Heartbreakers
+ long lasting Freshness
+ Fernando- ABBA
+ Dont Pull Your Love (Out)
+ "some people never say the words 'I love you-'"
+ Tina Turner, You Better Be Good To Me
+ Rev. James Cleveland
+ Rev. James Cleveland, I Stood On the Banks of Jordan
+ 'If I Could Only Remember My Name'
+ Toto, Rosanna
+ Rainy Days and Mondays
+ Regarding REO Speedwagon and 'Take it On the Run'
+ Eminent Front, the who
+ Bread - Baby I'm A Want You
+ Bread - Make It With You
+ Bread - It Dont Matter To Me
+ Digging the Grave, Faith No More
+ heartlight, Neil Diamond
+ Goodbye Stranger, Supertramp
+ bee gees- emotions
+ Magic Woman Touch, the Hollies
+ Dancing in the Moonlight- King Harvest
+ Roxette, Listen to Your Heart
+ neil young, world on a string
+ the Association- Cherish, and Never My Love
+ up to me
+ the Shirelles
+ U Know Whats Up, Donell Jones
- more on Eddie Money's Walk On Water - 12/05/05
Again Ive listened, and I realize with this song that: I guess all my life Ive just expected the moment when I'll chuck the biggest sales account of my professional life- to race back in my red coupe to catch the last inning of my sons little league game, where my patient, but worried wife would be climbing down from the stands. I would pick her up and twirl her around in her light dress, and I would tussle 'sport's' hair and flip his cap, before swooping him up too. All before the sun goes down. "If I could walk on water, would you still believe in me? My love is so true." I guess I just expected it was going to happen. When do I get the chance to prove myself? and my enlighened reward? Its not going to happen is it? How do you get 'inevitable' back? Makes me sad. That its not certain. (cut in and out with Eddie Money rocking to the camera.) Im no angel- Ill admit. Ive made a few bad moves, Im sure to regret."

+ the last three Eddie Money songs Ive been listening to.
+ Traffic, and Blind Faith
+ Big Country Big Country
+ Sweet Pear, Elvis Costello
+ Atlantic City
+ Showbiz Pizza & Chuck E. Cheese
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