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+ Terry - 8 Girls
+ Mount Carmel - s/t
+ Bee Gees - Trafalgar
+ Endless Boogie - Focus Level
+ Big Star - Keep an Eye on the Sky Box
+ Home Blitz - Out of Phase
+ Cheap Trick - In Color (Albini Version)
+ King Tuff - Was Dead
+ Vee Dee - Public Mental Health System
+ Death - For the Whole World to See
+ Wavves - s/t
+ Eddy Current Suppresion Ring - Primary Colours
+ Fabulous Diamonds - s/t
+ sic alps - A Long Way Around to a Shortcut
+ Fleetwood Mac - Then Play On
+ Thomas Function - s/t
+ Witchcraft - The Alchemist
+ Citay - Little Kingdom
- The Monks - Black Monk Time - 01/14/08
There are few stories in music more bizarre and intriguing than that of the Monks. While I have more than a handful of albums made under unusual circumstances and conditions, only a few reach my turntable as often as Black Monk Time does. The Monks had all of the cynicism and avant tendencies of contemporaries the Velvet Underground. But while the Velvets operated under the cloak of Lower East Side cool, the Monks were about as cool as a fat kid in brown diapers. That they accomplished this feat stationed on an Army base in Germany, only makes them that more charming. Their electric banjo player died this week and that stinks big time. If only it were Lou Reed.

+ Dream Syndicate / Days of Wine and Roses
+ Ignatz II
+ Clockcleaner - Babylon Rules
+ High Rise II
+ Harvey Milk - Special Wishes
+ Mammal - Lonesome Drifter
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busiest month: November 2007
median ranked entry: Fabulous Diamonds - s/t

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